How desperate is the US Chamber of Commerce in its fight against health care reform?  The Chamber now warns of the increased cost of blue jeans if reform passes.

On its blog, the Chamber linked approvingly to a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal, in which the writer tells of his experience buying jeans with au pairs he hired for his children:

When their time with us came to an end, each au pair went to the Mall of America and purchased several pairs of jeans, as well as other clothes, before returning home. At the time, jeans cost between $15 and $30 each. I asked these young women why they were buying so many jeans before returning to their country. With some astonishment at my lack of understanding, they explained that the same jeans in their country retailed for between $80 and $100. The price differential, of course, was due to the value-added tax and the higher costs of doing business in European welfare states.

I thought to myself, “Ah, but your medical care is “free.”

The true American experience.  We all know what it’s like to bring your au pair shopping for blue jeans, and why it’s just so darn good we live in America, where jeans are $15-30 a pair.

The Chamber better watch out, though.  If George Will knew the Chamber approved of “denim blue jeans,” who knows the schism that could erupt on the right.