target_logoRetailers Target, Ikea, and CVS are stepping up their propaganda efforts to coerce their employees away from organizing unions, according to Bloomberg News.  Those companies join Michael’s stores (the news about which we broke last month, thank-you-very-much-Bloomberg-for-not-giving-props) in organized corporate efforts against their own employees.  Target even retooled its employee training videos to warn about unions and the Employee Free Choice Act.

Minneapolis-based Target, the second-biggest U.S. discount retailer, updated its anti-union video for employee training to explain the consequences of the bill, company spokeswoman Donna Egan said in an e-mailed statement. [...]

Pat O’Neill, organizing director for the United Food and Commercial Workers, said unions have received calls from workers at CVS Caremark Corp., Ikea and Target about “captive audience” meetings with an anti-union theme at stores where no organizing is going on.

CVS Caremark’s policy is to “communicate with our employees on an ongoing basis on a variety of issues,” Carolyn Castel, a spokeswoman for the biggest U.S. drugstore chain, said in an e-mailed statement.

“We are constantly engaging our co-workers about unions,” said Mona Liss, a spokeswoman for Ikea, the world’s biggest home-furnishings retailer.

“Engaging our co-workers about unions.”  How quaint!  It’s almost like Ikea’s not actively coercing their employees into not standing up for themselves and exercising their freedom to assemble and organize.

Also of note in this Bloomberg article is unionbuster Jackson Lewis making a killing on increased interest from corporations intent on “engaging” their employees on organizing unions.

Registration for Jackson Lewis’s $595 “How to Stay Union- Free” seminars has increased to about 100 executives a session, according to Michael Lotito, a partner in San Francisco with the New York-based law firm. Jackson Lewis also has done research for companies on unions that could come to their workplaces if there is a change in labor law.

“We look at their financial reports, strike records, and what the leadership of the organization is all about,” Lotito said.

Exploiting business fears of card-check has become a profitable pursuit, said Pat O’Neill, organizing director for the United Food and Commercial Workers.

“There is one stimulus plan that has worked this year, and that’s union avoidance,” O’Neill said in an interview. “The law firms that do union-busting have put the fear of Armageddon out there with this bill.”

If anyone out there has seen the Target training video or any of Jackson Lewis’ propaganda, we’d love to see it, and of course promise complete anonymity.  Drop me a line at the contact link above.