Laura Flanders of GRITtv spoke with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka last week about jobs, Trumka’s union experience, and the future of the labor movement.  Trumka is clearly aggravated about a lack of progress on jobs, saying that President Obama “is probably more pro-business than anybody in the past.” He also says “the worst thing this president could do” is replace Larry Summers with a CEO.

Trumka says that his top priority is “jobs, jobs, jobs,” and that creating them “isn’t brain surgery.” Notably, when Flanders asks Trumka about his thoughts for a replacement for Larry Summers, the AFL-CIO President challenges the administration on its pro-corporate policies.

“This administration has probably been more pro-business than anybody in the past. I mean, when it comes to tax breaks, all the things they’ve done – look at the bailouts of Wall Street. That was pretty pro-business as far as I can see. We have a number of candidates that we’ll be pushing who are pro-worker. The worst thing that this president could do is put somebody that is a CEO into that position and say, ‘Now we have to become pro-business.’ He would lose his entire base.”

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